Thursday, 2 June 2011

Marrow Day.

First things first, welcome to my latest followers, Maria who has a great blog
where she talks about her dollshouse. Also to Ron who has an hilarious site which I fell on by accident but boy am I glad I did, he sure brightens up my day.
The Old Geezer Blog.

And so to Marrow day. What, I can hear you asking, is "Marrow day?"  It's one of those quirky little rituals that happen in villages all over the UK. This one occurs on the second Sunday in September, in a little village called Underbarrow, which is near our van in The Lakes, and the villagers compete to grow the biggest marrow or the most peculiar shaped veg and the children join in with small veg that have grown to resemble animals. Competition is fierce and every one is very protective of their marrows when they are growing. They also have a giant duck race where 1,000 yellow plastic ducks are thrown in the river and people bet on which duck will win, a  Bar B Q , where's the ferret,  helicopter rides and various other side-shows all designed to get money out of you. Of course it has a serious side as all proceeds go to Cancer Research. Photos of a previous day can be seen here.

Underbarrow Marrow Day.

The photos at the end of the slide show show how beautiful  the landscape is around there and should go some way to explaining why Steve and I enjoy our weekends so much. Not having done much mini-ing just lately, I can't seem to settle, I decided I would enter the Marrow competition myself this year.

OK, so it may not win the category as the largest marrow but at just under 2" it may win the smallest, LOL, but then again, as it's inedible, it may not qualify. Who cares? it may raise a giggle and I had fun making it and it keeps my hand in with the Fimo, which I really should do more often.
When I say I haven't done much mini-ing just lately, that isn't quite strictly true as, although I have no project on the go I am always making tea-pots as I can't just sit and watch TV at night without doing something with my hands. This is my latest offering, a nice red one with pink trim.

That's enough internet time for today as RL is calling, Thursday is housework day.
See you later....


  1. You'll have to remind us again nearer the time and we'll cross our fingers for a result on your mini-marrow. It's a fun idea to put it forward.

  2. cute marrow! Fingers crossed you win in the smallest category; It'll definitely raise a smile
    hugs K

  3. Hi Chelle, I'm a new happy follower of your work!! Mini regards from sunny Spain,Sonia.