Tuesday 9 April 2013

Where Does Time Go??

Is it really 3 months since I last posted? I really don't know where time goes.

I've been working  alot with Fimo since Christmas, as you know I have a love hate relationship with it, but they say practise makes perfect and it is definitely getting easier, although not perfect. LOL!

The little baskets I made from Quilling paper, which I have loads of after winning a craft clearout on Ebay. They are really easy to make but they are fiddly, then again, everything in this obsession of ours is fiddly.
The chocolate egg was made with an  Angie Scarr mould and it was really easy yo use. I also made some moulds of my own to make chocolates.

Before anyone accuses me of "copying" I asked  Linda's permission first.

I bought some moulds as well from  Nabby  which were really good but she's on holiday at the moment so the link may not work. They were to make cakes, macaroons and jellies.

I've also made a punch needle rug.

This is quite large and it took forever but I am really pleased with it.I am also getting the hang of needle felting.

I'll have to make RL sized teddies now I think because we are to become GRANDPARENTS!!!!!!!! I thought the day would never come. Precious bundle due at the beginning of October, Congratulations Emma and Joe. 

See you later.....


  1. congratulations! I hope you have a healthy and happy grandchild!


  2. Thanks Marisa, I am so excited!

  3. Congratulations on your impending grandparenthood! :D No time for minis now!

  4. Thanks Christine, I'll have to get the grandchild interested in minis. Get em while they're young!

  5. wow- so many beautiful things to share! I think your polymer clay items are fabulous! I have a hard time with clay also and since I have so many crafts I am interested in I never take the time to practice the clay. Yours are fantastic. I LOVE your little punchneedle rug. The detail is amazing- really nice job on that too :) Congratulations on your good news-how exciting!!! I bet you will be crafting some baby items in between now and October :)

  6. Time to get the knitting needles out I think Kim!

  7. Good work, the rug is great!